Conglatulations to all!!! Hope you also enjoyed the challenge to the limit of IoT via eny and Neura!

See you in next hackathon with our new innovative product! 

<eny Prize>

1st Prize (Cash $5,000): Konnect

2nd Prize(Cash $2,000): Market place

3rd Prize(Cash $1,000): eny Medi

<Neura Prize>

1st prize(1 year of free Neura api usage for team and Amazfit Pace): Baby Monitor, Smart Kitchen

3rd prize(1 year of free Neura api usage for team and Amazfit Equator): Konnect

<HW Trek Prize>

HW trek Prize("Standard sourcing service" prize worth $5,000): Project Free Food

<Draper University Prize>

Draper University Prize($2000 scholarship for Draper University): Konnect


Hackathon Overview

At the eny Hackathon, we're going to test the limits of the Internet of Things (IoT) with the help of a user-aware, battery-less smart button.

eny is a button that simplifies your users' lives by telling their smart home devices what to do. For example, if, every morning, a user walks around the house to turn on various lights, queue up the news on their TV, and start her coffee machine, she can instead tap eny, and it will do those tasks for her in an instant.

Increase Usage with Contextual Awareness

To get the most out of eny, you need it to understand and adapt to the user's day-to-day context. That's where the Neura SDK comes in. By tracking sensor data on users' devices and then analyzing it with proprietary machine learning algorithms, Neura gains an in-depth contextual knowledge of the customer. With users' consent, Neura will share contextual insights about users with third party devices like eny to enable advanced personalization.

Why participate?

Boost usage and retention. Attract new customers.
If you simplify your smart device with eny and personalize it with Neura, your customers will love it. They'll use it more and rave about it.

Get exposure to VCs.
You’ll get the chance to pitch your team/product to venture capitalists for potential seed funding and to members of Panasonic’s management team for potential partnership opportunities.

Win prizes!
We're giving away four different prizes ranging from cash ($$$) to free sourcing services.

What we provide

eny with following options:

  • Basic option (free): Will be provided on January 21st and returned after hackathon.
  • Advanced shipping and take away option ($100): Starting December 10th, we will offer advanced shipping on take away devkits. You also can register on Eventbrite beginning December 10th.
  • Student option (free): Beginning December 10th, if you’re a student, we will give you a free eny button (one per team). You must return the eny button(s) after the hackathon.

The Neura SDK

Connected device and appliance (amount to be discussed)



Registration/Idea submission due:    Nov 23rd

Finalist announcement:                    Dec 1st

Devkit delivery*:                              Dec 10th~

Hackathon day:                               Jan 21st

Only those who applied to advanced shipping option.



  • Team has to include developer. 
  • Teams with own products will have priority. It doesn’t have to be in the market.
  • Participation fee is $5/person (Only applies to those who qualify for the hackathon day. No fee for idea submissions).


1. Submit Idea Sheet by November 23rd via template to

  • Team leader name: 
  • Team leader mail:
  • Team leader phone: 
  • Company name/Team leader name: 

2. Participate in hackathon on January 21st and submit demo on devpost.

Hackathon Sponsors


$15,000 in prizes

eny Prize [1st prize]

Cash $5,000

eny Prize [2nd prize]

Cash $2,000

eny Prize [3rd prize]

Cash $1,000

Neura prize [1st prize] *two teams won as 1st

1 year of free Neura api usage for team and Amazfit Pace

Neura prize [1st prize] *two teams won as 1st

1 year of free Neura api usage for team and Amazfit Arc

Neura prize [3rd prize]

1 year of free Neura api usage for team and Amazfit Equator

HWTrek prize

Provide "Standard sourcing service" prize worth $5,000

Draper University Prize

$2000 scholarship for Draper University

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

1. Submit a product idea that uses eny and/or Neura to enhance the user experience/interface of your product. Explain how eny and/or Neura accomplishes this. Submit your idea to using eny template by Nov 23rd at 11:59 p.m. PST. 

  • Team leader name: 
  • Team leader mail:
  • Team leader phone: 
  • Company name/Team leader name: 

2. Once you are selected as a finalist, register on Eventbrite (registration opens in Dec).
3. Hackathon day is January 21st! Submit your demo via Devpost.


Naohiro Taniguchi

Naohiro Taniguchi
Director of New Business Development / EMCBD / AIS / Panasonic

Peter Keyashian

Peter Keyashian
Head of Business Development / Neura

Lucas Wang

Lucas Wang
CEO / HWTrek

Asra Nadeen

Asra Nadeen
Program Director / Draper University

Albert Leung

Albert Leung
Design Lead / IDEO

Jeffrey Kessler

Jeffrey Kessler
Mechatronics Engineer / IDEO

Mark Noronha

Mark Noronha
Startup Engagement Lead / SAP Startup Focus

Jim French

Jim French
President / PRDCA / Panasonic

Judging Criteria

  • Value to user
    Is product/service solves pain point of customer or provide positive benefit?
  • New user experience
    How eny could uniquely contribute to create new user experience?
  • Distinctiveness vs. existing solution
    How is the solution unique to existing product/service?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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